Sustainability/COP RCJ

AJ GROUP ITALY SRL was born in 2019, buying through an auction the perished business DUECENTOTRENTAERRE, a historic manufacturer of silver jewelry born in Arezzo in 1979.

We deal with the production, processing and trade of silver and gold jewelry and we trade with an international clientele through the “organised retail” channel.

We work daily in our laboratory carrying out our activities inspired by tradition and guided by the quest in order to achieve the best quality for our Customers.
In order to achieve the above qualitative objectives and the success of our business, the management of AJ GROUP ITALY SRL considers of primary importance, the adoption of responsible practices along the company business model, regarding environment, health and safety, social commitment, ethics and human rights along the entire value chain of gold, silver and base metals.

AJ GROUP ITALY SRL is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).
The RJC is a standards organization established to improve responsible environmental, social, ethical and human rights practices throughout the jewelry supply chain with respect to gold, silver, PMOs, diamonds and colored gemstones.
The RJC has established a gold standard for the jewelry supply chain and credible mechanisms to verify, through third parties, that companies in the supply chain are operating in accordance with responsible business practices.

As a member of the RJC, AJ GROUP ITALY SRL is also committed to conducting its business in accordance with the RJC Code of Practices and to integrating ethical, social, environmental and human rights considerations into its day-to-day operations, business planning and in strategic and operational decision-making processes.

AJ GROUP ITALY SRL confirms the commitment undertaken in order to respect human rights, avoid contributing to the financing of conflicts and comply with all relevant requirements, resolutions and legislative provisions of the United Nations.
The Management annually submits the organization and its practices to a Due Diligence process aimed at evaluating its performance in terms of respect for human rights according to the UN guiding principles and OECD guidelines.
During the Due Diligence, impacts on human rights are assessed, along with a strategy and program of interventions to correct any critical issues. The interventions are then integrated into procedures whose efficiency is monitored annually.
The Management also undertakes independent external verification, about the following commitments:

  1. To respects human rights in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work;
  2. Does not engage in or tolerate bribery, corruption, money laundering or terrorist financing;
  3. Supports the transparency of state payments and security forces compatible with the protection of rights in the extractive industry;
  4. Does not provide direct or indirect support to illegal armed groups;
  5. Establishes processes through which the parties involved can express problems relating to the jewelry supply chain;
  6. Implements the five-step OECD Regulatory Framework as a management system for risk-based due diligence activities for responsible supply chains of minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

AJ GROUP ITALY SRL also is committed to use its ability to influence in order to avoid abuses by others by submitting this policy to customers and suppliers and reserving the right to interrupt any relationships if abuses should occur with respect to the principles set forth by the same. The company also provides a complaint mechanism to third parties in case doubts are raised about the goodness of its work with respect to human rights, the UN guiding principles and the OECD guidelines.

The company management aspires to increase the environmental, social and economic sustainability of its business and of the jewelry sector by committing itself to continuous improvement of practices regarding responsible sourcing, anti-corruption and conflict financing, occupational safety, respect for human rights and protection of ecosystems, as well as guaranteeing compliance with the laws to which the company is subject by geographical location and sector. The company is also committed to being transparent about its performance on the topics mentioned through RJC COP compliant reporting and communication.

AJ GROUP ITALY SRL aims to achieve the aforementioned corporate responsibility objectives through the implementation of a management system and procedures in line with the RJC COP which includes:

  • the assessment of environmental, social and economic risks associated with the effects of one’s own activity inside and outside the company;
  • due diligence of key business partners and the supply chain on respect for human rights;
  • practices concerning occupational safety and workers’ rights;
  • waste and emissions reduction practices and management of other environmental risks;
  • complaint mechanism or grievance raised by an affected party.

Further details with respect to the management system are contained in the Manual available to interested parties upon request.

The Management of AJ GROUP ITALY SRL commits to annually review this policy to evaluate its effectiveness together with the system of procedures implemented, it also guarantees that the staff is aware of this policy, as well as the main business partners, the policy is also available to interested parties on the corporate website.

Effective date: 03/01/2023

David Stettler